I looked outside this evening as I was closing the windows up for the night and it seemed that along with being the first day of Spring here, it was also a full moon!

Spoiler Alert: It’s only 99.5% full according to the internet – it’s completely full tomorrow afternoon instead.

Still…it seemed too auspicious NOT to do something with all that positive Springtime celestial energy.

Kelly Barnhill, The Girl Who Drank The Moon

It got me thinking about the beginning of things, and seemed appropriate that I should mark my very first blog post with quotes from three of my favourite authors, the very beginning of some of their books.

Kate Forsythe, The Pool of Two Moons

I love how all of these capture the magic present and set the scene so gracefully. I was drawn into their worlds from the very start, and wanted to remain there for the whole book.

Isobelle Carmody, The Red Queen.

Every single story starts with a beginning, and with Spring and a full moon beside me, this is mine.